11 Differences in My Third Pregnancy

By now, I would say that I am a pro at being pregnant. Considering I’ve been pregnant 25 months in the past 3.5 years, I’d say that’s a pretty fair statement. Although I’m not naive enough to say that this third pregnancy has been a breeze, I do feel like I’m not as surprised by anything anymore. Well except the whole being 25 months pregnant thing… Wow!

11 Differences in My Third Pregnancy

11 Differences Between First and Third Pregnancies

  1. It goes by MUCH faster. The first time around seemed to last forever because I spend almost every waking moment thinking about it. This time around however, I’m much more distracted with two little ones and am lucky to even get a moment to enjoy those little kicks and turns.
  2. How you carry. I’m not sure if there’s a difference between how I’m carrying this time around because it’s a boy, or if it’s because it’s my third and its a bit roomier in there, but this time I seem to be carrying much lower than the other two. My doctor said that it’s like a hammock with overly stretched cords… Lovely. The pro is that I can breath better, but have to run to the restroom more often. Unfortunately the heartburn seems to be the same.
  3. The glucose test still stinks. Yup. Just as nasty as the first time around, only this time you anticipate it and that somehow makes it worse.
  4. Maternity clothes come out early. The first time around you make those jeans last as long as possible with the hair elastic trick and the belly band. Not this time. You whip out those maternity jeans as soon as you see those two pink lines. Plus you are already showing so there’s that…
  5. Worse baby brain. You never remember how far along you are unless checking your app, you often forget simple little things {or big things,} Or sometimes you just trail off in the middle of a sentence and just… kinda… forget….. Wait, what was I saying?
  6. You will buy a van. Seriously. The first thing we did when we found out we were expecting number 3, we went straight to the dealership. I never wanted to drive a van but seriously… Best. Decision. Ever.
  7. The fears dont go away. I still get nervous when I havent felt him move in awhile, I still have nightmares of things going wrong during the pregnancy. I’m sure that just comes with the territory.
  8. Physical differences. The second time around I had the WORST sciatica pain. {crippling pain in my lower back, behind and tailbone} I didnt feel it at all my first pregnancy and only slightly during this pregnancy. I have no idea why. If anyone has any knowledge on this, let me know, I’m super curious.
  9. Diet. You may have heard of all the things you *might* not want to eat during pregnancy {ie: deli meat, hot dogs, caffeine, etc} This time around, you’re still cautious, but not as nervous anymore. With two other babies running around, you definitely need the caffeine and and a quick lunch. BRING ON THE DIET COKE!
  10. You’re less prepared, but you dont mind. Not to be confused with nesting. I still feel like I’m crazy about the house being somewhat clean and tidy, but this time around I dont feel like I have to have everything ready months before baby comes like I did the first time.
  11. ACNE! Kind of like I said before, I dont know if it’s because I’m having a boy this time around, but my face has broken out like CRAZY! I’ve always had somewhat clear skin so this was really hard for me to handle. Since you cannot take anything for your skin while pregnant, maybe I’ll do another post about how I ‘managed’/sucked it up. Eh? Whadda think?

What about other mama’s out there? What differences have you noticed between multiple pregnancies?


Third Pregnancy


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  • Reply Ali

    I had BAD bacne with Rory’s pregnancy but horrific pain with Jade’s! It’s so random. Although I’ll tell you, the Neutrogena Acne body wash helped IMMENSELY with the acne problem. I took Prilosec with both girls for the heartburn hahaha and dude ALL OF THE CAFFEINE! I needed it during both pregnancies just to survive I can’t even imagine with two little ones running around me on top of it all!

    January 24, 2016 at 12:07 am
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