A Trip to The Leonardo

I have a problem. I like to collect things. Movies, clothes, thimbles, makeup, memories, etc. But lately I like to collect annual passes. They are perfect when you need activities with the kids, especially in the winter. (Heaven help us this chilly season.)

We recently got the chance to get a pass to The Leonardo in downtown SLC and and the kids loved it. And I think you would too. If you stick around to the end, I have a special offer for your own annual pass.

Welcome to The Leonardo

The Leonardo is an interactive art, science and technology museum inspired by Leonardo da Vinci. Their exhibits are hands-on and thought-provoking to inspire visitors to learn like da Vinci did: through interaction and exploration! 

Right now they have an awesome exhibit called Flight where you can learn all about the science and technology it takes to fly. Whether it’s an aircraft, flight simulators or jetpacks, the Leonardo has got you covered. 

They also have a fantastic art studio that the girls went crazy over. I think they could have spent the entire time there. 

img_8930 img_8928

Upstairs they have a darling display called “Where Children Sleep” where there are displays showing where children sleep all around the world. Some sleep in gorgeous bedrooms, others sleep on a matt on the floor. Either way, there’s a bit of beauty in each living display.

img_8926 img_8924

^^She was so sad the teddy bear was attached to the display. 

 That’s just a few of the exhibits they have and we had an absolute blast. They have various science experiment activities, play areas, cardboard  structures. It was a day well spend. 

I do have ONE suggestion. . . Make sure you pay for parking, or figure out the best place to park, as this brainless mama totally got a citation for going ONE minute over my parking limit. They are ready to get you in Salt Lake! Ugh. Give me a break…  


Now here is where YOU come in! If you need something to do this year and want to learn in the process, you should definitely check out The Leonardo. 

Use code LG3898 to receive an extra month of membership for FREE!

All memberships generally include:

  1. Free admission to all of The Leonardo’s general exhibitions
  2. Discounted admission to traveling exhibitions hosted by The Leonardo
  3. Discounts to select programs, workshops and camps
  4. Discounts on birthday packages
  5. Discounted admission for guests ($8.95) when accompanied by a member
  6. Invitations to member-only events and exhibit previews
  7. Subscription to The Leonardo’s member-only e-newsletter
  8. Additional benefits may be included


Thanks for stopping by! Perhaps we will see you there!



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