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Hello Whimzy is a lifestyle blog that encourages readers to find happiness and joy for their families and for themselves by indulging in their own whimzical side, no matter how silly it may seem. Whether its performing as a professional mermaid, (seriously!) planning parties, crafting, beauty and fashion or finding activities for the little ones, it is my hope you will find things here that makes your heart fly because… What is life without a SPLASH of Whimzy?

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About Lauren the Stay at Home Mermaid

Lauren Elizabeth is known as the Stay at Home Mermaid. She is a dreamer, a storyteller and a magic bean buyer. She is a lover of words and stories that stick with us so when we look up at the stars at night, we dream of going on big adventures. She dreams big and chases after those dreams like fireflies in the night sky. Some of the “fireflies” she has captured are: Building a thriving entertainment company from the ground up, writing a series of children’s books; appearing on stage, television and radio and appears as a real life mermaid. 

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