About Me

I believe in magic.

I’ve seen it.
I feel it when my children wake up in the morning and snuggle into my bed with a sleepy smile on their lips. I hear it when I’m up late laughing with my husband at something we had read that day. I see it when I’m swimming in my mermaid fin and a child stares in awestruck wonder. I believe in the everyday sort of magic as well as the wonders of imagination.

A few years ago, I started a princess party company to feed my creative mind while my husband attended pharmacy school and my baby was napping. I loved every minute of sharing magic to those darling kids. During that time, I wanted to explore original characters and added a fairy and a mermaid character to my line up and wrote a book to go along with it.

When graduation (for hubby) finally came, we decided to sell my company but I just couldn’t give up my mermaid! I held onto her thinking I would start another business in the new city we’d be moving to, but at that point I had two more children and not much time.

So I decided to start a lifestyle blog from the point of view of a Stay-at-Home Mermaid. 

Here, I encourage others to keep a little magic, a little whimsy and a little imagination in their lives. Whether it’s making a dragon’s egg or hosting a gigantic pie fight, or even just a funny image of a mermaid mama potty training her toddler– life is so much better with a splash of “whimzy!”

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