Attributes I Hope My Hubby Passes to our Son

I pretty much hit the jackpot when I hooked this handsome fella and got him to pop the question seven years ago. When we were expecting our little Poppy, I spent many days thinking about which of us she’d look like {me} and what attributes she’d have. The same thing happened when we had our second baby and again for our third; only this time we are having a boy and though I still find myself wondering who he’ll look like, I find myself hoping he’ll be just like his daddy. 

Here are 6 Attributes I Hope My Hubby Passes onto Our Son:

Attributes I hope My Hubby Passes Onto Our Son

  1. Hard Working.

    Gavin is incredibly hard working. Even on his days off, he takes on many projects or chores to keep himself busy and helpful. I’ve never known him to take a day just to be lazy. 

  2. Creative.

    This kid has a creative side that you’d never know was there if you didn’t know him well. He can put together projects like it’s no ones business. He is an excellent woodsman and has made not only our bed, but the crib and changing table as well. He is also a poet and can write poems and song lyrics at the drop of a hat. They are usually pretty silly but I know he does it to make us giggle. Poppy seems to have inherited this particular trait as well.

  3. Spiritual.

    One thing I always wanted in a partner was a strong testimony and to be a worthy priesthood holder. He has time and again proven to be the man of my dreams. Listening to him talk about his beliefs and standards make me one proud wife. 

  4. Romantic.

    It can be easy to go about the daily things in life and forget to be romantic. But Gavin has always been so good at showing his love for me. Whether it’s flowers, a shoulder rub, a compliment, a lingering kiss or a touch throughout the day, I am never left questioning his love for me. I’m sure my sons future wife will appreciate this attribute as well. You’re welcome future daughter-in-law, whoever you are. 

  5. Loyal.

    One thing I’ve always thought was really cool was how loyal he is, not only to me, but his friends as well. He’s had many close friends since childhood that he still talks to and visits with today. I’ve had many friends as well but not many (that aren’t family) that I’d go to today if I needed something. He is a bro to the end. 

  6. Ridiculously Good Looking.

    Let’s face it, this man is a STUD and of course I hope our little man looks just like him. Who doesn’t love a strong masculine jawline, a hunky dimple and a mop of hair to run your fingers through? Admit it ladies…. You can totally check him out because he is eye candy. . . Ok now stop, you know he’s mine. 😉


Attributes I hope My Hubby Passes Onto Our Son


There are many more attributes I’d love to brag about in my husband but seeing as I’ve probably embarrassed him enough, I’ll just say this…. Gavin, I am so thankful that you are the father of my children and that we have the honor of raising these knuckleheads together. There is no one else I’d rather share parental responsibilities and my love life with. You are the cotton to my candy, the peanut butter to my jelly and the cherry on top of my sundae. 

Love you to the moon and back! 


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