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Once upon a time, a rockstar was born. Seriously, he is a rockstar all during the whole labor and delivery process. It went so smooth in fact, that I feel a little silly writing a ‘birth story’ when it wasnt anything but peaceful. But then maybe a reader out there needs to hear how awesome childbirth can go so…. here ya go! 
With this being our third go around, our doctor approved us to be induced a week early. The timing was perfect as Gavin’s mom is a teacher in Utah and it was her spring break. She flew in on Monday April 4th and watched the girls for us when we went in early Tuesday morning to start the process. We arrived and they got us all set up in a jiffy. I wasn’t dilated much but was about 90% effaced. The pitocin was given and we were instructed to just wait. Can I just say how awesome it is to just hang out in a quiet hospital room with your hubby?! We ate popsicles, watched our latest Netflix tv show obsession (White Collar. Um… LOVE!) We discussed names and laughed when we told the nurses fake names we were considering. (Sorry Karin! Good thing we didnt go with Gimili or Guadalupe eh!?)
It was about 10:00 when the contractions started getting really uncomfortable so I asked for my epidural. (PS. Did you know if you’re bladder is full, your contractions come faster and more painful!? Uh, yeah. Weird.) Anyway, after realizing a full bladder did that, the contractions slowed down and eased up a bit but soon picked up again and thats when the anesthesiologist came in and gave me the drugs. Man, I love that stuff! I was then able to take an hour nap while Gavin ran to get lunch. After that glorious nap, they checked me and I was at a 6. (This was about 1:30 pm) We chatted with the nurses for awhile and just enjoyed everyones company when I felt like they should check me again. BAM! Not even 20 min later and I was ready to push. It was now a little past 2:00 and after a few pushes, little Hendricks was born at 2:27 pm. He came out screaming like a banshee and they plopped him on my chest. My favorite part was when I started talking to him and he immediately stopped crying and looked right at me, deep into my soul. I always knew I’d have a son, and I was in awe that I was finally meeting him. My second favorite experience is when the girls met him for the first time. Why is this always so emotional?! Just kidding I know why. Seeing my babies meet my other babies for the first time will always and forever touch my heart. They were both so sweet and gentle and so excited they had a little brother. I swear I’d keep having kids just to experience this over and over again. (But seriously.) 
The rest of the hospital visit was a dream. The nurses were all so wonderful, he nursed like a champ and I got some quality time with my wonderful husband. I am so glad he was the one by my side through all of this. What a champion hubby and what a rockstar baby. We couldn’t be happier! Welcome little Hendricks. We love you so much already! 

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  • Reply Ali

    SO happy for you guys!! Welcome home Hendricks!

    April 18, 2016 at 8:14 pm
  • Reply Susan

    I feel like we are one soul! So many similarities! I just had my third baby, too! It was amazing! I posted about it on my blog, too. Stop by if you have a minute!
    Hendricks is the rock-in-est name EVER! Seriously. I’m naming my next son Hendricks. That’s awesome. OR! I’ll name him Chris and he can be your son’s little protoge! Haha! Thanks for sharing!

    April 19, 2016 at 3:03 pm
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