DIY Adventurer Sign

Hey-o fellow Happy Thinkers!
Today I’ve got a cute little Adventurer Sign DIY project for any room in your darling house and it’s pretty dang easy as well.

DISCLAIMER: I kinda did my project the hard way because I was lazy. Ironic right?! 
So be sure to read my suggestions of what I’d do differently in the red. 

Items You Will Need for this Adventurer Sign:

Quote printed on engineer paper from Staples (Or printed on freezer paper at home!)
A rod and rope (to hang your sign)
Fabric paint and stipple brush

Canvas material
Pom Pom ribbon or something you’d like as a border


Step 1

So to begin, find whatever quote or phrase you’d like on your sign. I printed this on engineer paper at Staples to get it the size that I wanted hanging over the crib in Hendricks room.
To make your life a little easier, I would print your phrase on freezer paper on your own printer if you could.
If you want it bigger than your printer can offer, split it up in several pieces of paper and piece together. Hope that made sense!
I actually already had the engineer print (it was only a couple bucks) so I figured I’d just use it.
That and because I like to make things hard on myself of course! 

Step 2

Cut out your phrase and cut into the shape you desire. Make sure to leave yourself enough material at the top to secure over the rod!


Step 3

If you go the the freezer paper route and cut out the letters, you can actually iron it onto your canvas and your paint wont bleed! 
If not, just take it slow and easy, it is still possible!
I just taped it with scotch tape to help it stay in place a little better.


Step 4

Next get your fabric paint ready and GENTLY stipple on the letters trying not to let it get under the paper.
I got my paint at Hobby Lobby.




Step 5

Touch up. Since the paper wasnt flat on the fabric, the paint bled under the paper a bit. (see the ‘E’ in Be?) Gah. 
Luckily it’s pretty easy to fix, just take a smaller paintbrush and sharpen those edges!


Step 6

Next I flipped the access fabric over the rod and sewed a straight line so it’s secure.
You can totally use a machine or hand stitch. It’s nothing fancy I swear!
My rod already had the rope on it and I was too lazy to take it off and on again so I worked around it.
Probably would have been easier to just sew it without the rod and then slide it in and tie it afterwards, but whatevs. 
I would also suggest sewing the border on first as well (as seen in the next step so your stinkin rod is not in the way.)


Step 7

Obviously it’d be easier to sew the border on first before putting the rod on but like I said… I live on the wild side. 😉 
And again, it’s not impossible to do it the way I did it, but learn from my mistakes and make your life easier on yourself!
Next pin the pom pom border onto your sign and sew. Like before, you can hand or machine stitch. Whatever you’re more comfortable with. 
It WILL be easier if you pin your ribbon or border in place beforehand though… Trust me. 




Tuck the ends under for a clean look! ^^

Step 8

Hang and enjoy!
Hopefully this was helpful to you! I love it in the nursery and totally think it was worth the effort. 
Do you have any questions? Could I have been clearer on anything? I appreciate your feedback!
I am always crafting but I usually figure out how to do it as I go sooooooo… yeah. Learn from my mistakes young Padawon. 
Thanks for reading! See the entire nursery reveal soon!


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