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//Bracelets- Color by Amber//

Don’t lie, I know you’ve always wanted to know how to DIY dragon’s egg. (Or an oversized avocado) Friend, you know I got you covered! 

You never know when you’ll need one and it’s a lot less hassle than a real dragon egg, and a lot less messy than having a newborn dragon running around setting your couch on fire.  Trust me… I can barely handle three little humans much less a dragon. 😉

So whether it’s a costume prop, a party decoration or a gift to the Harry Potter nerd in your life, I have included a quick video as well as a step by step process for the readers out there. 

DIY Dragon’s Egg


Below is a more detailed process with a few more tips and tricks that I learned along the way. 


  • Paper Mache Egg (Buy one here, or at Hobby Lobby.)
  • Glitter Spray Paint (I used about a can and a half. Link here or via Hobby Lobby.)
  • Glitter Nail Polish (Any kind will do. I like the kind with chunky glitter) 
  • Cardboard (I got one of the sturdy poster boards from the dollar store.)
  • Thumb tacks (Don’t be scared… But I used approximately 800 which is about three packets from the dollar store as well.)


Step One: 

Stick ALL the tacks into the poster board. Don’t put them too close together since the paint needs to cover the entire top of the tacks. It is a little time consuming, and if you’re inpatient or low on time, you could put the tack in the egg and spray it straight on there. I prefer doing the cardboard because it looks a little more uniform and not clumpy. But seriously- either way, it will look awesome. 


Step Two: Spray Paint

Take your time and allow each thin layer to dry before doing the next. Remember, you’ll still be able to see the tack under the paint after the first layer, you’ll be tempted to hit it hard and cover it completely, but this looks cakey/drippy and takes FOREVER to dry. So take your time, it actually dries pretty fast and you wont ruin your scales. 

IMG_1780 copy

Step Three: Nail Polish

I like to add even more dimension to the scales by adding some chunky glitter nail polish to the mix. Here is where you can get kinda creative. Use different colors and textures to add shadows and highlights. Don’t worry, there’s no rhyme or reason, just kinda dab, dab dab. 


Step Four: Tack up that egg

After everything is dry, I start sticking the tacks on the bottom of the egg and spiral my way up to the top. I like to over lap them just slightly so it’s not flat against the paper mache. 


DIY Dragon Egg

Step Five: I now dub thee, The Queen (or King) of Dragons! 

You did it! That wasn’t too bad, right? I am sure your thumb is a little sore from pushing all those tacks in place. Mine sure were! Thanks for stopping by and if you end up making one, send me photos! I’d LOVE to see them. Send them to me, or tag me in your insta photos! (@hellowhimzy)
After all… you cant have too many dragons in your life eh? 




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