Let Her Sleep Sign DIY

Raise your hand if you like to tinker! {Me! Me!} Before Miss Poppy was born, I saw this darling Let Her Sleep Sign on Pinterest and just fell in love. Now raise your hand if you like someone else to work on something first, find the best way to do it, then show you how?
{Oh yeah… I like that too.} So being the tinker that I am, I figured out a way to make it possible and here is what worked for me. 

Letters to my Daughter

Let Her Sleep Sign DIY:

First off, I ordered my decal from CARisma Vinyl and gave them the dimensions I wanted.
Holly had it to me super quick and it was time to get down to biz-nass.
Materials needed:
A lightweight board for your base
Old dictionary or cute scrapbook paper. {You can even use old maps. Sweet right?}
Modge podge
Spray paint
Decal with desired quote
Large Sponge brush
Step 1: Gather materials
Step 2: Modge podge dictionary paper ALL over the board.
*Tip–make sure you modge podge the actual board, THEN over the top of the paper so it will stick better.
I learned the hard way.
Step 3: After modge podge is dry- rub decal onto board. Peel and rub a coin over the decal and make sure it on there real good.
Step 4: Spray paint entire board-Apply has many coats as desired
Step 5: When paint is dry, gently remove decal letters.
*Tip–if you modge podged it correctly, you wont need to do any touch ups.
I, however, didnt do it right at first, so I needed to tear small pieces of dictionary paper and
re-modge podge it in the spaces. I also touched up a bit of the paint.
PicMonkey Collage
 After this, I mounted some plexiglass on top to make it look a little more artsy, however it’s absolutely darling on its own.
And there you go! Five easy and affordable steps and you got yourself a bold statement piece for your baby’s nursery!
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