DIY Unicorn Snow Globe

This whimzical tutorial is not only darling but maybe the easiest thing you could ever make. It doubles as an awesome gift, a fun decoration and is an activity you could even do with the kiddos. Who wouldn’t want a unicorn snow globe, right!?

How to Make a Unicorn Snow Globe

First off, you’ll need your supplies…

I chose a Unicorn because… duh. No brainer! I’ve also made some with a little deer family, polar bears, sheep and goats, even a cute little truck that looked just like my first car. You could use anything! Hobby Lobby, Amazon, Target and Michaels all have plastic animal figurines in their toy departments. I even used a stuffed animal before. 

You’ll also want some shrubbery. (“We want… a shrubbery!” Please name that movie.) I normally go for the green pine trees with just a little snow but I thought the all white trees were more magical next to the unicorn. The ones I used here were on sale at Target, but I LOVE these too. I also found some fun colorful ones that would be way cute too. 

I used a 2 gallon jar I found like this one here. Honestly, any size would do as long as your figurine and trees fit on the bottom. I’ve seen people use mason jars or even jars with flip lids like this one

Next you need the snowy magic! I love the jumbo iridescent glitter you find at most craft stores. The more the better. Seriously, get the BIG jar. Or you can buy a few here.  

Matching Ribbon: Any craft store. Mine is from Hobby Lobby. (40% off code here.) Get a variety of textures, lengths, finishes, etc. I’ll show you how to tie a fun bow later. 

Glue gun/sticks.

I also add a few berries or adornments to the top along with the bows. Totally optional though!


Tip 1: Place Items Before Gluing in place.

I like to see the end result will look like before I glue anything down. Make sure it looks natural and is pleasing to the eye. One time, I didnt notice a warp in the glass and the poor animals face was distorted because of it. However, it’s not hard to pop that sucker off and try again. 
img_3968 img_4000

Tip 2: How to tie a whimzical bow. 

There’s many ways to tie bows, but my mom taught me a way to use minimal pieces of ribbon and still have it be super darling. First, have an assortment of different ribbons with complimenting colors. I like to always have at least a little lace, sparkle, matt and tulle. You double the ribbon over on itself (as seen below) and do the same thing the opposite direction for the next ribbon. The photos illustrate this better. I then pinch it in the middle and tie a small ribbon or twine around it, then around whatever I’m fixing it to. 

How to Tie a Whimzical BowHow to Tie a Whimzical Bow

DIY Unicorn Snow Globe


And voila!

Easy and darling right? If you end up making your own snow globe, I’d love to see it! Thanks for reading!

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  • Reply Sue

    It’s so magical!!! I made one of these as a kid with my mom, but there was water in it and everything! I loved it!

    December 28, 2016 at 2:44 pm
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