Five Ways to be a Better Mom

Many times throughout the year I find myself making resolutions to be a better __________, {fill in the blank: Mom, wife, organizer, cook, etc} not just around New Years. But if you know me, you know I’m not one to skip out on starting anything without a BANG. Resolution wise anyway. {I was totally asleep before midnight this year.} But my main goal is to be a better mom. 

So here are my goals on how to be a better Mom this year:


Better Mom


  1. Put down the phone. Too many times throughout the day I find myself scrolling through random Facebook posts about things that don’t matter or that I don’t even care about. I realized that find myself reaching for my phone when I need a second to mentally check out and those few minutes combined lead to a big chunk of my day. instead of doing this I want to redirect that time. If I still need to check out and give my brain a break from listening and entertaining little ones, maybe I could read a scripture or a couple pages from a book. {Any recommendations on those by the way?}
  2. Play more, stress less. I am a tidy person by nature. I like things to be in their rightful place at all times so I can easily find it later. I feel peaceful and calm when my house and surroundings are organized, and although there’s nothing wrong with that, moderation is key. Sometimes it’s ok to have the toys on the floor or messy dishes in the sink as long as I’m making memories with my children instead.
  3. Let it go. I get discouraged pretty easily when things don’t go the way I plan or envision. I think I’ll be much happier if I go easy on myself and learn to let those little things fly into the wind. Elsa may have been onto something there…
  4. Take more family photos. This one may seem a little silly because I’m always snapping photos on my phone, but what I mean is to get more professional grade photos of my family and some that I’m actually IN and not behind the camera. What a treasure it is to be able to capture the tiny details of our lives. Whether it’s the chubby baby cheeks or the mischievous toddler grin, I don’t ever want to forget that! We’ll see what the hubby thinks of this one. 😉
  5. Date more. No I don’t mean date to date more men! Just my One and Only more often. Too many times we are too exhausted {or broke} to get all fancy schmancy for a date with our significant other but a lot of the time, that’s exactly what we need! Less Netflix date nights and more time out of the house and away from the daily grind. Sprucing up will make it feel like the good old days when we were dating and remind us how much more in love we are. A happy wife= A happy mama, right?

My list could go on and on and into further detail but I think this is a great start to a pretty awesome routine I know I won’t be the ‘perfect mom’ but who wants to be perfect anyway? It helps build character, right?! 

What about you? What are your resolutions this year?


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