Hello Whimzy

Isn’t it interesting how you can walk down one path expecting life to take you in one direction, only to be surprised when a new path offers you wonders you’ve never even dreamt about?

Spreading Happy Thoughts has always been a part of who I am, and it always will be. However; I’ve come to realize that if I wanted to have a better impact on my readers, I needed to really focus on what I wanted to contribute to the world. After much research I was excited to take my brand in a new direction. So without further ado, I’m thrilled to announce that Spreading Happy Thoughts will now be known as…


I knew a name change was in order when I realized that something just wasn’t meshing as well as I wanted it to with my blog and my mermaid business. It seemed like a match made in heaven; happy thoughts and mermaids go hand in hand, right?

I’ve learned that when something is right, it just clicks. Unfortunately, something just wasn’t clicking. 

So I went to work. I’ve always felt like I had an interesting outlook on life and wanted to make sure that I carried a bit of that magic with me wherever I went. After confiding in some close friends and family members I decided that Sonnet the Mermaid needed to get her own corner on the internet to share her business rather than force her to work with SHT. (Yet another reason I thought a name change was in order… that acronym was killing me! Haha! More on Sonnet later.) 😉
Something clicked and that’s how Hello Whimzy was born.

So what does Whimzy mean?

Whimzy is what makes you happy.
Whimzy is where your dreams and aspirations come from.
Whimzy is imagination.

Albert Einstein said,

“Imagination is more important that knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.”

Obviously being a mermaid is just one of many whimzies I want to share with the world to make a better, happier place. But my overall goal is to be a creative role model and encourage YOU to find your whimzy, no matter what it may be, and go after it with everything you’ve got, because what is life without a little whimzy?
There are a whole lot of people waiting for your magic, so let’s all say “Hello” to our own Whimzies and make the world a better place by indulging in our whimsical side.
PS. As a thank you for joining me in this journey, please enjoy this free printable from Jennifer at MandK Design Studio!
{Download here!} 
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