How to Get out of a Speeding Ticket

how to get out of a speeding ticket
Something you may not know about my family is that my dad is a police officer with over 20+ years of experience under his belt. One of the questions he always gets asked by friends and family is, “how do I get out of a speeding ticket?” I think we can all relate to that feeling of your gut plummeting to the bottom of your car when you see those lights in your rearview mirror and immediately know why you’re being pulled over. All you were thinking about was getting your toddler to preschool on time so you can have those few extra minutes to clean, shop, relax, (HA!) etc. so you put that pedal to the metal. In a way, you kinda expect to get what you deserve, but on the other hand, your head is screaming… “oh please, for the love, dont give me a ticket! My husband will KILL ME!”

Yup. Been there girlfriend.
First off, you should know that some police agencies have quotas and some dont. Issuing tickets generates revenue for cities and counties and therefore police officers are sometimes required to issue tickets. Some police agencies are more restrictive than other agencies. And I will personally admit, although this is not a fool proof way to get out of a ticket, a lot of these tips are super handy and HOPEFULLY you’ll be let off with just a warning. Thanks Dad for the advice!

Here are 6 tips from Officer Jones on how to get out of a speeding ticket…

1. Admit to yourself (not to the police officer, more on that later) that yes I was speeding, ran the red light, didn’t signal, etc. and think of all the times you didn’t get caught. Arguing with a police officer will NEVER get you any leniency.
2. When you pull over to side off the road, pull off to the right as far as you
can. This gives the officer a “lane of safety” that he will appreciate. I hate
worrying about getting hit by other drivers/vehicles. Better yet, if you can pull into a parking lot.

3. When you’re pulled over, turn on the interior light (if it’s at night) and get both hands on the steering wheel where the I can see them. Don’t worry about getting your driver’s license, registration and insurance card. DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR CAR. The whole point of this is to make the officer more comfortable and safe.
4. When the officer approaches be very polite i.e. yes sir, no sir. If he asks you if you know why he stopped you be polite and say no. (Don’t admit guilt) If you admit you were speeding that makes the case that much easier to prove his case in court.

5. Let him tell you why he pulled you over. When he’s done explaining the
violation, apologize in the most sincerest way possible. Assure him that you won’t let it happen again and ask if maybe let you off on a verbal warning. Don’t grovel or try to make up an excuse. We’ve heard just about every excuse already.
Ladies- (or men) – no crying!!
Make sure you do all this before he goes back to his vehicle and checks
your information. It’s hard to pled for mercy after he’s already written out the citation.
Give him a reason to like you and to cut you a break.

6. Don’t worry that the officer still goes back to his vehicle and checks your information. If he doesn’t find anything like past violations he’s more likely to let you off the hook. The officer has a lot of discretion and could just give you a warning, lower the speed, drop other violations i.e. broken headlight, no seatbelt, etc.

Essential, if you’ve been polite, sincere and built a good rapport with the officer, you just might get
out of the ticket.
Note: All this advise assumes that your not a drug dealer, murderer, or career criminal of course! 
And there you have it! Straight out of the mouth of our nations finest. Hopefully you don’t need to try any of these tips out anytime soon, but in case you do… keep this post tucked in your back pocket. 😉
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  • Reply Susan

    Thanks for the advice! I’ve never been pulled over except for having past-due stickers on my car and I did most of what you said and lo-and-behold! No ticket. Courtesy can get you far in life!

    April 16, 2016 at 8:40 pm
    • Reply Lauren

      No way! That is awesome! Courtesy really can get you far!

      April 18, 2016 at 6:52 pm

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