How to Reset a Bad Day

We’ve all been there… You know those days where you need a button to reset a bad day because your kids are testing your every limit, you  can just feel yourself about to SNAP! (Maybe you already have– I’ve totally been there!) Then you are overwhelmed with guilt and just know that you’re the worlds worst parent and nothing will ever be alright again and you’re sure your children hate you and they will probably end up in jail someday because you just weren’t good enough.

Too much? Yeah, it’s pretty dramatic, but seriously, we’ve ALL been there!

Since I’m pregnant right now, I feel like these ‘terrible, horrible, no good very bad days are more common than normal since my hormones are crazy and I take everything personally. Yesh…

But on the plus side, I’ve learned some valuable things! The biggest thing being that it’s NEVER too late to start the day over. Ever. In fact, I promise that if you consciously choose to ‘reset’ your mind, the rest of your day will go just a little bit smoother and you wont beat yourself up as much. Interested to know my tricks? 

How to reset a bad day



  1. Take a breather. ALONE. The keyword here being “ALONE.” Go on a small walk to the mailbox, lock yourself in the closet or my personal favorite- take a shower. I know this isnt always possible if you’re alone with little ones, but it does make a HUGE difference. I’ve been known to turn on Daniel Tiger, whip out the Dum Dums and let them go crazy for a little while just so I can mentally ‘reset.’ I like to play my music in the bathroom, partly to drown out any whining and so I can feel like my old self for a few minutes. Most the time I need a shower anyway. I’ll probably come out to find the house a mess, but that’s a small price to pay for my sanity.
  2. Set the timer. A lot of my anxiety and mood depends on how much I need to do. When my kids are acting up I find myself having to make a choice, taking advantage of a teaching moment or getting the dishes done. Sadly, the dishes sometimes win. Lately I’ve tried setting the timer and making a game out of it. I tell my toddler that we will read a book or play a game after we get 10 minutes of work done. I get her to help me and am usually surprised how much we end up getting done. Then we do an activity together and then set the timer again later.
  3. Ask for help. This one can be super hard sometimes, especially because we currently live away from family and if I were to ask for help, it would be from a friend. Luckily, I’ve been blessed with AMAZING friends who I know I can count on in my time of need. It is HARD to ask for help because it can feel like admitting defeat, but if someone were to ask ME to help them out, I would be seriously thrilled to know that I am not the only one who could benefit from the service of a friend. Just be ready to return the favor!
    If you dont have anyone to turn to, my heart goes out to you! Know that you are not alone and that EVERY mom deals with this. Whether you are religious or not, saying a small prayer may give you that little bit of strength to make it through the rest of your day.
  4. Remember the good times. One of my favorite things to do is to take all my random videos on my phone and compile them into a family music video and on especially hard days I like to re-watch them and remember that we do have fun together. It really helps put things into perspective. I will be posting a ‘How to make a Family Video’ tutorial soon! For now… Below is an example of our Family Videos….
  5. Two words… Dance Party. I’ve noticed that my children have a harder time listening or obeying when I am distracted. Those are the days where we have a trip coming up so I am busy getting things packed and ready to go; or when I was planning a big event for my past business and we seem to be running errand after errand. My best advice is to take 20 minutes to just play with your kids. Crank up the tunes and dance wildly around the house. Give them your undivided attention and see what happens. Let them know that you understand it’s been a hard day but you are so proud of them for being your little helper. Make sure you laugh and tickle and hug them. Apologize. They just want to know that you’re still there for them even when you’re busy.

There you have it! I know some days will just stink, and not all these things are possible or are even guaranteed to work, but I’ve learned that if I’ve tried my best to make it better, the guilt isn’t as heavy as it is when I just leave it. That, to me, is worth the effort. What about you? How do you reset your day?

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