Inexpensive Gift Ideas for your Spouse

There’s many times throughout the year that I find myself scrambling for inexpensive gift ideas for my hubby. Despite all my good intentions and starting a {secret} “Gift Idea” board on my Pinterest profile, I seem to always be looking for the PERFECT gift that not only says, ‘I love you.’ but also, ‘I know who you are and what you like.’
One thing that has really helped me determine gift ideas for my loved ones is to take the Love Languages Quiz. {If you haven’t heard about this, I’ll assume you’ve been living under a rock and am happily welcoming you to the real world with wide open arms!} 

This test helps you figure out how you {and your loved one} feel the most love. You’ll obviously score a few points in each category, however, most people tend to have one main Love Language. 

I’ve found that my main love language is Words of Affirmation with Acts of Service close behind. Gavin’s are, Quality time and Physical Touch. That doesnt mean I wouldnt love a gift that could fall into another category, but it does mean that is how I feel the most loved and the same goes for Gavin. 

Since Valentines Day is QUICKLY approaching, I’ve compiled a few inexpensive gift ideas that coordinate with each Love Language.

Inexpensive Gift Ideas

Inexpensive Gift Ideas

  • Words of Affirmation

    1. Make a Movie.  
    I’ve always loved making videos and have given them as gifts several times because it’s easy, doesn’t cost much, {if anything} and can be enjoyed over and over again. Last Father’s Day I filmed a video for Gavin where I interviewed our girls about him. It was definitely a hit!

    I even did a tutorial on how I make my videos! Check it out in this post here or my Youtube channel here

    2. Write a Letter
    A letter or a card may seem a little too simple, but if it’s heartfelt, it can mean the world to your loved one if this is their Love Language. It’s something they can keep forever and read whenever the need arrises. You can get creative in your delivery as well! One time, Gavin took the time to antique paper {he soaked paper in a tray of black tea and baked it so that it looked vintage and classy} then he got a cool wax seal and wrote love notes on several pieces of paper and left them around the house for me to find. I seriously LOVED it and kept them all. 

    3. Write a Song or Poem. 
    Another really neat gift I received was from my brother this past Christmas. He wrote me a song and performed it on his guitar. He is so talented and that gift meant so very much to me… and it didn’t cost him a thing! A poem is just as awesome if you arent comfortable singing or playing an instrument. 

  • Acts of Service

    1. Complete their least favorite chore. 
    I think a lot of women will agree that there’s never a better looking man than one who is doing the dishes, or doing the laundry or scrubbing the floors. I personally hate cleaning bathrooms so when Gavin does that for me, I definitely feel his love and appreciation. 

    2. Make their favorite dinner
    A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right? I think this can go both ways as well. I love it when Gavin helps with dinner, or even does it all on his own. This is usually my role in our relationship and I love that I am able to do provide for my family this way; however, it is great to have a day off every once in awhile and enjoy his delicious cooking. {He really is a great chef!} I also enjoy making a special dinner for Gavin every once in awhile too. It doesnt have to be a five course meal, but something to make it a little different than every other night. Maybe a candle or two…. 

  • Receiving Gifts

    1. Scavenger hunt
    Little surprises are always a treat. Sending your loved one on a small scavenger hunt and leaving little gifts along the way can be fun and exciting. The gifts could be as simple as their favorite treats, any gifts they’ve been wanting lately or even bathroom items for their own little spa night. The ideas are endless!

    2.Treat basket, flowers, promises you intend to keep, etc.
    I feel like this particular Love Language encompasses a lot of the others as well. It would be fun to get a movie or a dinner or flowers. Obviously this Love Language prefers something physically tangible and the ideas could be endless!

  • Quality Time

    1. At Home Date Night
    In a previous post this week, I shared a few ideas of at home date nights you can do after the kids go to bed. Be sure to check it out here!

    2. Trip down memory lane. 
    If you are lucky enough to live close to your significant other’s hometown, a quick day trip could be a lot of fun. Have them drive you around their old stomping ground and tell you stories about growing up. Stop by the park they played at or the old movie theatre they’d go watch endless movies on the weekends. This time together will not only help get to know each other better but will even make new memories to share together. 

  • Physical Touch

    Aside from all the obvious forms of physical touch- 😉 😉
    I found this graphic that I thought was a really fun idea to show your significant other how much you love them

  • 10-Day-3-341x1024
    What a great list eh? So what is your Love Language? Do you love to be pampered with gifts or words? Do you prefer quality time or acts of service? With a little help, this test can help you show just how much you really care about your loved ones!

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