My Pregnancy Essentials

Not sure what the pregnancy essentials are? You dont need as much as you’d think. My pregnancy essentials are a bit different this time around since technically, you can get away with not having a whole arsenal at your disposal. Especially now that I’ve been pregnant twice before, I’m realizing there are things I dont particularly need but other ladies couldn’t do without, and vice versa.  Since you dont really need much, I suggest taking the money you save and get yourself a cute maternity outfit so you feel smokin hot, or get your hair done, or even some eyelash extensions, because you’re growing a flippin human being so I say… treat yo’self!

My Nine Pregnancy Essentials and why I need them:


Pregnancy Essentials


Crude Oil 
I have broken out like CRAZY this pregnancy and since you can’t use a lot of products because of the drugs involved, I found that Crude Oil is a natural way to clean and hydrate my skin. It feels amazing on my face and keeps the breakouts at bay… It’s not perfect but there’s only so many things you can do to fight those hormones.


Netflix or Vidangel 

I’m pretty ashamed to admit, but this has been my baby sitter this pregnancy. With two little ones to entertain, a DOOZY of a winter and a baby sucking ALL my energy, I need something to get us through the day. Netflix is great but if you haven’t heard of Vidangel, let me enlighten you because it is AMAZING! Essentially, it’s like Redbox, but you can do it all from home. There’s not monthly fee’s and their selection is DYNAMITE! How it works is you first purchase a movie for $20. After you are done, you have the option to sell it back (within 24 hours) for $19 store credit. This can be put toward your next movie and only have to pay $1. You can always opt to keep your movie if you’d like as well. The other really cool thing about it is that you can select filters for your movies! For example, if you don’t like hearing the F-Word or seeing a ton of blood and guts, you can opt to edit those things out! They even have an option to edit out Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. 😂 Haha.
They have a few Youtube videos that are pretty awesome if you need more info on their services. Seriously, check them out here.
I’m sure they will also be on my Newborn Essentials list after this baby comes.  


Heart Beat Monitor 

This thing did WONDERS for my jitters, especially at the beginning when you can’t feel the kicks to count them yet. It’s the same thing the doctors use at your appointments to make sure the heart is beating as it should. I will mention that sometimes it’s hard to find so that may freak you out a little bit. I would suggest taking a break, laying down and have some orange juice, then try again. Could be as simple as they’re so little and turned away that the doppler can’t pick anything up. So although it relieves those jitters, at times it can cause some unnecessary worry. 


Leather Leggings 

At the top of this post I mentioned that you are growing an human being so you should treat yourself to a few pretty things so you feel good. Pregnancy is hard and sometimes you just feel like a beached whale. Taking the time to get dressed in something cute and doing your hair and makeup will give you that little boost you need to feel like the beautiful woman you are. These were that for me and not only are they super cute, they are super comfortable, because let’s face it, when faced with the choice between leggings and jeans… Don’t we all prefer leggings?


5 Water

These next few items are kinda ‘Duh’ items, but they are seriously important. I’m not a big water drinker (I seriously LOVE my Diet Coke) but I really needed to focus on my water intake this pregnancy as I get very parched and lightheaded if I didnt get enough to drink. I almost passed out several times and had to lay down while the two girls climbed all over me and wait it out. I even had to have my toddler get me a drink before I could get going again. I especially like the Voss water just for the bottles they come in. Haha. To increase my water intake, I did a lot of fruit infused water (since plain water is so… plain. Ha!) The opening is the perfect size to fit fruit into and is easy to clean out. Dont get me started on nasty water bottles that hide mold. . . These are great in that you dont have to worry about that. 



If you’re fortunate enough to not get heartburn… I’m super jealous. I’m only 30 weeks along and am on my THIRD bottle of these babies. I especially like the fruit fusion ones as they seem less chalky.


Pre Natals 

Duh item here. Hopefully you know how important it is to take a prenatal pill every day as the folic acid is super important to growing babies. So really… this could be the ULTIMATE pregnancy essential. 


Dum Dums 

I had a little nausea this time around and sucking on hard candy was good enough to help me. Plus Dum Dums make GREAT bribes for toddlers. 😉


Snoogle Pillow

I didnt need this until about my second trimester but it has made such a difference. My poor hubby has felt like something has (literally) come between us at night, and he is right… It’s  like a whole other person in our bed, but he’s a trooper and if it helps me sleep better, he’s much more thankful for a less cranky wife the next day. 


So there you have it! Those are my 9 pregnancy essentials to make life a bit easier while doing the greatest work known to man, growing a human inside your own body. Whew! You go mama! I’d love to know what you cant live without when you’re expecting, tell me in the comments below! Also check out My Third Baby Essentials list before you go. Xoxo…



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  • Reply Lexie

    Glad you’re liking the Crude oil! Another thing I’ve tried that’s helped a ton too is using coconut oil. I use the same cleaning routine as crude and still use their microfiber clothes but just use coconut oil to cleanse and moisturize instead of the crude oil. You’ll have to try it out!

    January 31, 2016 at 2:29 am
    • Reply Lauren

      Ah! I have some in my bathroom cupboard. Totally going to try that out!

      January 31, 2016 at 4:52 am

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