A MASTER To Do List for Nesting Mama’s

32 more days… just 32 little days left until my due date but it cannot come fast enough. Keeping up with two little {and energetic} girls, staying on top of the house work and all the little things involved in everyday life is getting to be exhausting. But there’s no time for that! NESTING has begun and although it can be productive, it can really drive a pregnant lady cra-zy. We don’t know if we will be moving after graduation yet, so packing and deep cleaning is on a bit of a hold, but that doesn’t mean I’m not bound and determined to get stuff done! 


Being a list-maker MASTER, I have made the ultimate list of things I want to get done before baby makes his grand arrival.

The Master To Do List for Nesting Mama's

My Nesting To-Do List


  1. Clean out fridge and pantry
  2. Make freezer meals
  3. Mop floors
  4. Clean cabinets, drawers, etc.
  5. Get rid of old appliances
  6. Command center (Get rid of old mail, bills, paperwork, etc.)
  7. Stock up on groceries


  1. Clear cupboards
  2. Get rid of makeup you dont use
  3. Mirror
  4. Floors
  5. Baseboards
  6. Toilet
  7. Tub
  8. Countertops
  9. Clean and prep towels
  10. Stock up on toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner, etc.
  11. New candle


  1. Organize DVD’s/Movies
  2. Wipe down entertainment center
  3. Vacuum
  4. Fold blankets
  5. Clean out couches


  1. Clean baseboards
  2. Organize closets
  3. Declutter. Get rid of things that are unnecessary. Sort items in categories: “To Donate. To Sale. To give to Friends/Family.”
  4. Clean windows/blinds


  1. Register at hospital
  2. Birth plan (If you want one. My birth plan was simple, go with the flow!)
  3. Plan coming home outfits. (Yes, I totally do this for me, the baby and this time around I planned on shirts for Gav and the girls too. I couldn’t help myself!)
  4. Line someone up to watch other kids when it’s go time
  5. Prepare hospital bag/sibling bags
  6. Prepare diaper bag
  7. Sibling gifts from baby. Sibling gifts to baby
  8. Get breast pump, nursing bra’s, comfy clothes for postpartum healing. 
  9. Get camera ready


  1. Set up nursery (We usually plan on having the baby stay in the room with us for the first little while, then move them to their nursery. Since we maybe moving a few weeks after the baby is born, we see no point setting up a nursery. But this really drives me nuts!) 
  2. Run baby clothes through the laundry. (So they’re soft and smell fresh!)
  3. Organize and store baby clothes by size.
  4. Stock up on diapers/wipes.


  1. Take everything out you don’t need
  2. Car seat for baby
  3. Vacuum/shampoo carpets
  4. Place a back up set of clothes/diaper/wipes somewhere in car for emergencies.
  5. Fill ‘er up


  1. Get rid of clothes that don’t fit or you don’t wear.
  2. Vacuum
  3. Clean under beds
  4. Clean sheets/pillowcases
  5. Rotate toys/books
  6. Laundry


The Master To Do List for Nesting Mama's

OH MY GOSH. What a list! PLEASE tell me I am not forgetting anything! What does your nesting list look like? Seriously wish me luck….
Good thing this little guy will be worth it! We can’t wait to meet you buddy!

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