Pom Pom Tutorial

pom pomDecorative Pom Pom Tutorial

Today I am going to show you how to how to make those adorable pom pom’s that are all over Pinterest.
I guarantee you’ve pinned them at least once.
Did you know they are super easy and super cheap? Totally! 
So get ready. Get set… Go!

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First off, pick out your desired color(s) of wrapping tissue.
These can be purchased at most stores, although you have a wider assortment of colors and patterns at a party store.

For a basketball size pom pom, use two packages (approx. 20 sheets)
You can make smaller sizes by cutting the sheets in half. They will still be full, only smaller. I personally like different sizes on my wall, adds dimension!

step 1

Step 1: Fan-fold all 20 sheets
Step 2 and Step 3: Bend and fold in half

step 2 pics


Step 4: For a scalloped edge, cut ends so they are rounded.
Or for a pointed look, cut in a point. 🙂

step 3 pics

Step 5: Tie ribbon around the folded area.
{Make sure its long enough to hang where you want the finished product, if its too short, you can always add more.}
Step 6: Separate the tissues individually on either side of ribbon, firmly,
but gently, pull away from surrounding pieces. If it rips a little {and it will} it’s alright, just keep going.
You wont even notice once its all done.

And that’s it! Wasnt that the easiest pom pom tutorial ever?

These are perfect for daily household decorations, parties, or anything really!

Right now, these are hanging in the girls room and I even make a few more for a pop of color in my dining room.
FullSizeRender (4)
What do you think? For a bold statement piece, you seriously cant get anything cheaper!


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