Eyelash Extensions: Pro’s and Con’s

I first jumped on the eyelash extension bandwagon a little over a year ago when my {past} princess business was in full swing and I was doing multiple parties a weekend. I would always wear fake eyelashes, but didn’t always like how they felt on my eyes and couldn’t wait to be done for the day so I could rip those suckers off! I thought I’d give the eyelash extensions a go and see how I liked them. I wasn’t completely sold on them at first, but not too long after trying out a few sets, I was expecting our second baby and really started to fall in love with them.

Pro's and Con's of Eyelash Extensions


Pro’s of Eyelash Extensions

  • Your makeup routine is cut in half! I don’t like to wear a ton of makeup on a day to day basis since most the time I’m entertaining little ones, but when I had eyelash extensions, sometimes I didn’t do ANYTHING to get ready and still was presentable in public. Bangerang.
  • You feel beautiful and feminine Enough said. I love feeling pretty and girly. I feel like it gave me that extra boost of confidence I needed to face the world.
  • You can shower or swim. This was kinda important to me since I was performing as a mermaid at the time. The first 24-48 hours your tech will tell you that you shouldnt get your eyelash extensions wet so that the glue will adhere correctly, but after that, you could swim or shower and not worry about mascara running down your face. I hated washing my face at night because of that too.
  • Nap time! Every time you get a full set or a fill, you’re guaranteed a few winks since you’re lying there so relaxed with no where to go. I liked to pop on my headphones and just chill. That hardly ever happens at home.
  • They are customizable. I went the natural look at first and loved them, then I went BIG for fun and loved them even more.
  • Grooming them felt amazing. Kind of a silly perk, but they will give you a mascara wand to brush them out and you never would think combing your lashes would feel so AMAZING!

Con’s of Eyelash Extensions

  • It can get pricey. Your natural eyelashes fall out and are constantly being replaced, so obviously the eyelash extensions need to be replaced too. If you dont get them filled approximately every three weeks, you have to pay for a full set again, but either way you are paying a pretty penny for upkeep.
  • You cant rub your eyes. I like to rub my eyes…a lot. And I couldnt do this with the eyelash extensions. It’s a petty little thing but my eye rubbing days were put on hold but I looked {and felt!} fabulous so I dealt with it.
  • Pregnant ladies beware. It was hard to continue the lashes when I was further in my pregnancy since you’re flat on your back for long periods of time. I still got them done, especially since I found myself with less and less time/energy to get ready in the mornings. I just had my technician pile up some pillows to prop me up and I was good to go!
  • Clumps. The first time I got them done, I wasnt aware how much I’d notice the glue. This could be because my tech was still learning, but actually feeling them on my eye was a bit annoying. The glue feels slightly clumpy and I picked at them and pulled out a few of my natural ones in the process. {Dont worry, they grow back!} The second time around, I didnt really notice them and when I did, I trained myself not to pick and then it didnt bother me anymore.
  • Oil-based products were OUT. I had to adjust the way I washed my face and what products I used since the oil breaks down the glue, but this was no big deal to me. Just something to keep in mind.

Over all, I absolutely ADORED my eyelash extensions and I am counting down the days until I can get them done again. With baby number three on the way, it will be soon!
What about you? Have you gotten eyelash extensions before? Did you love them or hate them?


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  • Reply Lindsey Broud

    I wish I could lashes again SO BAD. All of the pros you said are so true! They do get spendy so that’s why I had to stop. Love your post!

    January 20, 2016 at 12:29 am
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