Seven Days of At Home Date Nights

It’s Valentines Day Week!

This week I’ll be posting different ways to make this time of year, magical. Let us start of with the reason for the uh… season–LOOOOOOOVE! So grab that significant other of yours and plan one (or several) of these at home date nights!

My hubby and I sure know how to party these days… and by party I mean sit on the couch and binge watch Netflix or Vidangel. Being in Pharmacy school doesn’t help with our energy levels (non-existent) Winter sure doesnt help either, nor does expecting baby number three. But we are making a conscious effort to make this week different and are bound and determined to give these at home date nights a try.

At Home Date Nights (for after the kids fall asleep.)

Seven At Home Date Nights


Turn off the Netflix and whip out those board games in your closet you only get out once in a blue moon. Here’s a few games for two or more players we think we will enjoy:
-Pie Face
-Ticket to Ride
-Would you Rather


Two years ago, Gavin got me a green screen for Christmas and I have yet to try it out. Being stuck inside for the winter has made us desperate for a vacation but being poor students, that was going to have to wait. But we LOVE pulling pranks and making people laugh so we thought it’d be hilarious to make a fake vacation photo album for our families. We’re going to set up the green screen and take pictures in front of it together. We will need to learn how to substitute the background for many exotic places just to see who we could fool but it will be a fun project to work on together. 
We’re such tricksters…


For this at home date night idea, I’m getting some painting supplies and canvas’s at the craft store and we’re going to (attempt) to paint portraits of one another. We’ll turn on some music and laughed at the results I’m sure.


Since we both need a little pampering, we whipping out the face masks and cucumbers, candles and the spa channel on Pandora. We also want to incorporate something like wine and cheese tasting but the only whine happening around these parts is from our kids. So instead we’re getting some fun flavored soda and cheese and are planning to just RELAX.


One the thing we look forward to is watching our favorite late night show host and recreating those fun games Jimmy plays with celebrities. A few on our list are Russian Egg Roulette and the Headphones game. He has so many ideas that we are saving a few for a group game night because its just too much fun to not share embarrassing and funny moments without witnesses. Here are a few ideas here


Just like the Food Network show, we are having a friend fill two paper bags with very weird assortments of ingredients. We’ll use those, (plus other food in our pantry) to create new and unusual dishes for each other. One of us will do an appetizer and dessert while the other prepares the main course. Bon appetite! 


Allow me to explain. This is not just a regular movie night and we chose to watch a musical… oh no. This is a performance! We’re going to mute the sound and turn on the subtitles and take turns reciting lines to one another, or just the musical numbers… or the whole thing. We’ll see. Some good movies to watch together, in my opinion, are Grease, Phantom of the Opera and Singing in the Rain.

And there you have it! Seven date night ideas that you can do at home after the kids go to sleep. PLEASE let me know if you tried any of these ideas! It doesn’t have to be hard to have a fun at home date night! If you have any other ideas, I’d love to hear those as well! Thanks for reading and check in tomorrow for another Valentines Day themed post!

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  • Reply Jessica L DeJesus

    Such a cute post with lots of good ideas! I love the chopped idea and the musical movie performance best… will try and use with me and my fella soon. Saved this to my pintrest too for date nights!!! 🙂

    June 24, 2017 at 1:33 am
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