Shell Yes

A mermaid party? SHELL YES count me in!

Alright you guys. I know this Shell Yes party is old news and you are all probably sick of seeing it on everyone’s social media.
So after this blog post, I am done, I promise. After all, if it doesn’t get blogged, did it really happen? Hmm?

I’ve said it a million times, but this party was absolutely the highlight of this summer. (Hendricks was born in the spring so I can say that!) 
If you’ve followed me for awhile you know that I perform as a mermaid for birthday parties and special events. I sing songs, swim and read a book I’ve written especially about my mermaid character, Sonnet. This kids love it. Heck, the adults do too. The tail is super realistic.  

Anyway, I’ve been living in Iowa for the past four years and have watched from afar as Alison (from The Alison Show) and her friends all partied without me. (Insert sad, crying face emoji.) 
I told myself if we ever moved back, I would definitely go to one of her parties. Low and behold, we made it back and Alison announced she was throwing another party and tickets would be on sale very soon. I set my alarm, I made sure my kids were fed and out of my hair completely entertained, I waited and refreshed my browser about a million times so I’d be the first to know when tickets went on sale. (I know now everyone else was doing this too.) Mind you, she hadn’t even announced the theme yet! How cool is that? Hundreds of ladies waiting to get tickets to a party they don’t even know what’s going to go down? SHELL YES!

Let’s just say, I had a mini heart attack when that last time I hit refresh and saw that the theme was MERMAIDS. Flip, I better get tickets. 
Well obviously I did and was seriously ecstatic every day up until the party. I figured I HAD to bring my tail because… I HAVE A FLIPPIN MERMAID TAIL! Shell yes, it seriously was a no brainer.
My sister and I decided to go early and wait in line in our tails (I have two) and then change into something a little more comfy to dance in. 

Addie (my sis) and I arrived and picked up our sweet friend Kallie along the way. She found out that not everything about mermaids is flattering because getting into these tails is TRICKY business. A lot of baby oil and grunting was involved. That sounds dirtier than I thought it would. . . Sorry.

Anyway, we made friends right off and they said I should go get my photo taken by the water feature. Well you can’t walk in these things so they offered to carry/drag me. Again, not flattering. 


shell yes 2


But worth it! Eh eh? Check it out!….





It’s also really fun to run into old friends while dressed LITERALLY like a fish out of water, that’s what is happening here in case you couldn’t tell. ☝🏻

Once it got closer, we went and changed into our schnazzy sequin-y (is that a word?) mermaid dancing outfits. Did I lose ten pounds from sitting in that tail for a couple hours? SHELL YES! (New weight loss plan! Jk! JK!!! And no, I didnt really lose any weight. Dang it.)

I wanted to find something to wear to dance in that matched my tail and scored this super awesome dress on Amazon here and leggings here.
Seriously couldn’t have worked better. I still held onto my tail in case some photo opportunities arose (I was DYING to get a photo in tail while on her Shell Throne of Awesome, but am KICKING myself because I never did.) 💩💩💩

Guys, I don’t think you can fully comprehend how hard it is to put on. It takes FOREVER. So I’d like to apologize if my huge fluke slapped your behind while you were trying to get down and funky. 

shell yes

The highlight of my night (other than the dancing sharks) was giving Alison a mermaid crown that I had made her. I felt like I definitely needed to show my appreciation and Spread some Happy Thoughts to her by presenting her with something from the heart. I know she puts her heart and soul into these parties so…
I get it! I totally get the pressure of wanting to make people happy, so she deserved it, and from the looks of it, I think it made her pretty happy too. 

Mermaid Crown




Here is the video of Alison getting crowned Merbabe Queen.


We partied hard and I definitely felt it the next day, but it was worth every single penny, every single yawn the next day and every single friendship made there was so worth it. I will never miss another Alison party if I can help it. Thank you Alison for making this mermaid really happy.
And if you’re still reading and want to watch my annoying snaps (@spreadinghappy2) I saved it all below. Or if you’d like to see something a little more professional and not my annoying face, check out her video here and here blog post here


Until next time Merbabes! 💋🐬💃🏻

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