Stranger Things Halloween Costumes

Every Halloween my family gets together for the party of the year and our favorite thing about it is seeing everyone’s costumes. We like to keep things quiet until the big reveal and it is worth it every. single. time. And this year did not disappoint! Remember last year how we went as the cast of Forrest Gump? Or the one year we went as the hilarious (at the time, not so much now) Brangelina?
Since I know you are all just dying of anticipation, I present you…

Stranger Things!


If you somehow missed the boat on the wildly popular Netflix show, Stranger Things, you really should watch it. If you enjoy 80’s Sci-fi movies like Goonies, ET, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Indiana Jones, Poltergeist, Super 8, etc. You’d seriously love this show. In fact, I’d wager you could watch the show in two, if not one sitting. Trust me, you wont want to stop.

Here we have from left to right going clockwise, my beautiful mother as Will Byers. 😜  My dad as Dr. Brenner aka”Papa”. My sister Addie as Nancy. Luisa, our exchange student sister from Italy, as the Mothman. (We are gonna call her the Demigorgon since we need one!) Haha. 
Up next is me as Joyce Byers, Monroe as Barb, Hendricks as Dustin aka Toothless, Gavin as Hopper and Paisley as an uncharacteristically happy Eleven. 

stranger-things-costume-1 stranger-things-costume-2 stranger-things-costume-5stranger-things-costume-3
stranger-things-costume-4 Stranger Things Costume

R-U-N Joyce! 

(Do you see it? ☝🏻 Tilt your screen if you don’t! 😱 )
stranger-things-costume-7stranger-things-costume-8 13613252_10157624299405503_8273575370522845494_o

Ah you guys, I seriously watched the entire series of Stranger Things TWICE this summer so these costumes were an absolute hoot. I seriously don’t know what I love the most. Hendricks curly hair? Monroe’s glasses? Paisley and her waffles? Mom and her awesome wig? THE STRETCHY WALL!? I mean come on!

Stranger Things totally rocked my Halloween, as I hope it does yours.
Also, we may or may not already know what we are going to do next year.

We’re coming for you.

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