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As a stay-at-home mom of three, trying to meet the daily demands of three tiny (albeit adorable) children is an adventure. What amazes me, is that despite the daily adventures, they can so easily turn into monotonous routine and can even suck the life out of you. You just get so caught up in trying to meet everyone’s needs on the daily and forget how to find joy in the every day. I’m sure a lot of you out there can relate.

Sue's News

I’ve always been a very energetic, productive person. I guess I only have myself to blame for my daughter’s never-ending battery pack of energy. But everyone gets run down, and I’ve definitely found myself in that monotonous rut a time or two before.

Sue's News

There are a few things I’ve learned that get me out of that rut and into my whimzy, time and time again. I’m a how-to blogger, so I bet you can see where this is going. 😉

So much of that rut comes from where your priorities lie. It’s time to examine your life and decide what things are really important, and what can be moved further down on the to-do list. Or maybe there’s something not on your to-do list that ought to be. You decide.
Dress yourself up
Decide that the first thing you’re going to do when you wake up is to get ready for the day. The days I get ready are definitely my most productive ones.

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Revisit an old love
Is there something that you used to do that you’ve forgotten? Or maybe a music artist you used to listen to? N’Sync and Aaron Carter will get me going ANY day, and my kids love them, too! It’s fun to share the things you love with the (little) ones you love!

Sue's News
Sue's News

See the Whimzy in your family
Children see whimzy so much easier than adults. Why? Because everything is new to them. Like that “Knock-knock” joke that they won’t stop telling, the one you told your parents over and over again when you were a kid, or learning that you can mix colors to make new ones. You don’t have to be an adult all the time. Allow yourself to experience some of that whimzy with them. Rediscover that wonder and awe in yourself.

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Try something new
It doesn’t matter if you fail the first, second, or even third time. I can’t tell you how many seams I’ve picked since I began sewing five years ago. At least once per project. But each time I sat there picking all those darned stitches out, I learned a little more about sewing. I’m still learning, and that is where my whimzy comes from. That is why I have a blog dedicated to trying new things and gaining the confidence to keep discovering new talents and abilities, even if I might fail.

Sue's News
tutorial for this top coming to sue’s news soon!!!

Each new day is an adventure, and if we’re not careful, the adventures can happen all around us without us even noticing. You don’t have to live that pinterest-worthy life, attending all the parties in the most perfect outfit and makeup, snapchatting and instagramming each and every time you leave your house. There is nothing wrong with a calm life. Just keep learning, keep creating, trying something new, and finding your WHIMZY!

And if you get the chance to be a mermaid with Miss Whimzy herself, don’t. hesitate.


Sue's News
Sue's News


Thanks for reading and hopefully I’ll see you over on my blog soon! And don’t hesitate to look me up on Instagram and Snapchat! My handle is suesnews and I can’t wait to meet you!
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