Two-ty Fruity Bash!

Two-ty Invite 9.53.24 PM

Happy Birthday Rosie Posey!
Get ready for a Two-ty Fruity Bash!

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Dear Monroe,

Two whole years have come and gone since you brightened our lives. Each day has been such a treat seeing you grow and learn and that spunky personality develop. It’s hard to describe to people what you are like at this age because you are shy and timid around new people but sassy and stubborn around those you know. It’s an absolutely hilarious  combination and I can’t get enough. For example, you don’t talk a lot mostly because Paisley does most of that for you. So we’ve been working on saying names together. I would say and name and you would repeat it back to me. The trick is catching you at the right time so that you want to play. There is no convincing you to do anything you don’t want to do! Anyway, we would play this game for about two minutes and then you decided you wanted to play by your own rules. I would say a name a few times, “Mommy, mommy.” But you would keep saying someone else  “Daddy, Daddy.” So then I would switch to “Daddy” and wouldn’t you know it, you’d switch to “Mommy.” 😜 

We all know who is really in charge here. 

I love so many things about you little Rosie. You are so sweet and love your sister and brother so much. You are never short on hugs and kisses. You absolutely love visiting your grandparents, especially your Papa. He must hold a special place in your heart because you ask about him all the time. You love your Nanny too but every time you see her you immediately ask where Papa is.

I don’t know what I did to get so lucky to have you as my daughter. But I must have done something right. I love you so much and would be lost without you. Thank you for being my little buddy. For loving me and for constantly reminding me about what’s important in life. I hope you always be just like you sweet girl. I love you to the moon and back again!



Party Inspiration 

🎉  Pineapple and Strawberry party hats inspired by Studio DIY

🍐 Fruit Banner:
     Fruity Love Notes designed by me
     Fruit printable download here.

🍍 Pineapple Cake: made by me

🍓 Monroe’s Dress: Target

🍋 My lemon skirt: here
💋  Purple Lipstick: Lips by Lauren (Violet Volt and Razzberry)

🍌 Frozen Banana recipe coming soon!

🍉 Watermelon Rice Krispies: here

🍏  DIY Fruit plates: draw on seeds with sharpie. 


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  • Reply Susan

    Happy birthday Rosie! She is such a sweet girl! I’ve only known her a short time, but she is one extraordinary girl! And way to go Mama! That party looks HOPPIN! 😘

    August 8, 2016 at 2:40 am
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