Valentines Themed Food

Valentines Themed Food

I always love making themed food for the holidays, especially for the little ones. It’s so magical and since I’m cooking anyway, might as well make it fun for all of us!
Poppy even said it was the best dinner she’s ever had. {So score one for mama!}

This year we made: pink and red heart pancakes, heart shaped eggs, sausage, pink milk and butter syrup and of course… strawberries! Below I posted the recipe for the best butter syrup you’ve ever had so be sure not to miss it.

I did learn a few things making this Valentines themed meal:

  1. If you’re planning of taking photo’s of your themed meal of pancakes, sausage and eggs, you may need several people helping you to get them done at the same time or else it will all get cold. Brrr…
  2. Furthermore if you are planning on taking photos, do it before it gets dark outside.
  3. Anything tastes better if its dyed pink or red, especially syrup and milk.

valentines themed food




Butter Syrup Recipe

This syrup is absolutely heavenly! It goes perfect with pancakes, french toast, german pancakes, waffles… um, you name it! I beg you to make it as soon as possible because a life without butter syrup is no life at all!


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