What to do with Your iPhone Videos

If you are like me, you have tons and tons of random iPhone videos of different events, parties, outings etc. that you arent quite sure what to do with. You want to keep those memories, but a ton of small individual snippets of video can use up all the storage on your phone, and will most likely end up in an untouched folder on your computer never to be viewed again. Am I right or am I right? 
Well have I got a solution for you… Compile it into a music video!

How to Make Music Video out of your iPhone videos

Seems simple enough right? I was in the same boat and wasn’t sure what to do with the endless videos of my kids running around doing more or less the same thing in each clip. But I didnt want to delete them! I wanted to hang onto those memories but I also wanted to a better way to do it. So… I started making music videos and it was so easy! It has seriously become one of my favorite hobbies. Putting them together, find music and watching them as a family over and over again is such a fun activity. 

Here is an example of a family music video I made from my iPhone videos: 

{You can see more on my Youtube Channel here.}


Cute right!? I actually have TWO methods to my madness. One Version One is where I use random video clips from my phone. Version Two is where I have an idea or a concept I want to accomplish and requires more planning. So I am going to teach you how I make both versions.

Version One {Using existing videos to compile into a music video.}

Step One: Download iPhone Videos to Computer

I guess this is kind of a optional step depending on what devices you have. My advice is for those with iPhones and Mac computers since that is the software I use to edit mine together. I am sure Movie Maker is somewhat similar for a PC but I wont be much help there. Sorry! 
So first off, I take all my videos from my phone and add them to a folder on my laptop called “Videos.” Creative right? Then from there I can easily open them in iMovie which brings me to my next step…

Step Two: Download the iMovie App

I should say that this app does cost $4.99, but in all honesty, it’s definitely worth it. I’ve used it so many times already, it’s practically paid for itself. Here’s a link
You can do so many things on this app! They have pre-made trailers/templates for you to use where all you have to do is plug in your own videos like this one: 

If you’d like more freedom, you can obviously make your own video and they allow you to add titles, transitions, effects, the whole she-bang. I dont usually mess with those effects and transitions too much since I like the simple clean cut music videos to speak for themselves. 

Step Three: Upload your Videos 

iMovie is super user friendly so uploading your videos is a breeze. It will practically hold your hand and walk you through the whole thing. You’ll need to set up a title for your project, and a theme (dont worry, it’ll walk you through!) Then uploading is as simple as opening the file from their menu or dragging and dropping. 

Step Four: Put it to Music

I add the music around the same time that I am uploading the videos just because I like to sync videos to the beat or match lyrics to actions, that sort of thing. If you are wondering about copyright, here is a short Youtube video that explains how that works. 

Step Five: Save and Publish

Pat yourself on the back and admire your creation! Well done, friend. You have one awesome video and a bunch of memories in one place!


Version Two {Creating a video from scratch.}

Step One: Visualize! 

First off, you have to have an idea of a video you’d like to do. For this particular movie, Gavin and I wanted to plan a surprise visit to our family who live over 1,000 miles away. We wanted to make a video that looked like we were mailing the girls to them and then the ideas started flowing!

Step Two: Pick out music

Next I picked out the song I thought would work and luckily this one was PERFECT! When the song is right, your movie tends to make itself. I’d listen to the music, and the lyrics and the rhythm would give me ideas of what to do next. I’d write them down so I wouldn’t forget then I started to storyboard.   

Step Three: Storyboard

A storyboard is a visual aid to help you plan your shots and visualize how it will go after you film your individual clips. Here is what my storyboard looked like in reference to the finished product-


I also did this in iMovie. I took a simple black photo and then I added a title on top of what the clip in relation to where I wanted it with the music. This was awesome because I could see just how much time each clip would take and it made filming two already energetic girls just a little easier. 

Step Four: Plan out your shots

I learned this one the hard way. I knew it would be beneficial to group together shots that could be filmed at the same time even if its out of sequence, (especially if you’re filming kids) but I didn’t do the best job. I would suggest taking the titles from your storyboard clips and put them in an excel sheet. Then you can group clips together that are similar and make a shot list that kinda looks like this:

Shot List Example

For example, during the filming of this video, I spent the morning shooting the messy scenes and the evening filming the girls all ready for the day. After I had gotten them all ready, I realized I forgot to film a few scenes of them looking messy. Ugh! So later on that night, (after I made SURE I was done with the clean scenes) I put them in their pajama’s again and finished capturing those last few clips. So please! Plan out your shots so you don’t have to do more work than necessary! 

Step Five: Film

Now it’s time for the fun stuff. FILMING! Well it should be fun anyway! If you storyboarded your video and if you planned your shots with a shot list, this part should be easy-peasy. Just remember to be patient and to have fun. Nothing is worse than working really hard on something and having bad memories about it later. 

Step Six: Edit

This, too, should be easy if you planned accordingly. I uploaded my iPhone videos and since I already knew where each clip would go, I just replaced the clips in my storyboard timeline. This part was a lot of fun too because you’re finally able to see the fruits of your labor. 

Step Seven: Share!

And just like that you are done! Don’t forget to share because you works too hard to not show it off! 

Here is the finished product here:

 I would LOVE to know what other questions you have about this process. I cant tell you how much these videos mean to me and I will treasure each one forever! So ask away! I’d be thrilled to help you make some lasting memories for you and your family!

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