Why You Should Have a Chalkboard Wall

Chances are that you’ve seen plenty of chalkboard tutorials or decorations all over Pinterest and chances are that you’ve considered putting one in your home somewhere. I’m here today to tell you…. DO IT! I absolutely LOVE my chalkboard wall and I’ll tell you why…

Why Everyone Should Have a Chalkboard Wall

Why Everyone Should Have a Chalkboard Wall

  1. Interchangeable decorations. Whether its Christmas, Halloween, a Birthday party or a photo shoot, you can easily change up your chalkboard for easy and unique decorations.
  2. The kids are entertained. Enough said. I can usually get about 20 minutes worth of entertainment time for the kiddos when I let them color on the wall.
  3. It’s therapeutic. Something about taking the time to draw on the chalkboard wall calms me. 

Some things to know:

  1. Choking Hazard. Dont leave chalk around if you have infants who are prone to put things in their mouth as they can asphyxiate the small pieces. I keep mine in the cupboard and let the girls color with them when I’m close by to monitor the baby and keep track of the pieces.
  2. Your baseboards will get dirty. I’d suggest putting your chalkboard wall over a tile or hardwood floor and not carpet. Chalk tends to ‘shed’ and sprinkle your floor with the colorful shavings and its MUCH easier to wipe up with a paper towel than trying to get it out of your carpet.
  3. Beware crayons. It was inevitable at my house that the crayons would get mixed with the chalk and the crayon would get on the chalkboard and not. come. off. Sorry guys. Try a magic eraser or touch up with extra chalkboard paint. Crayons happen.
  4. Know that young children may not understand that coloring on the chalkboard is ok, but the walls is not. We had a few mishaps. But dont let that deter you! Like I said, I have absolutely loved having my chalkboard wall in our kitchen. It’s been just as much fun for me as it has been for the girls and I’ll most likely have one wherever we end up moving. Here’s just a few examples of how I’ve used the wall to make our home fun and magical.

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Chalkboard Wall 7

What do you think? Would you like a tutorial how to make a framed chalkboard wall?


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